Yesterday I had a tutorial with Martha, in the tutorial I was able to show her my work up to date, showing her the films I had looked at (both fashion and cinematic) and the research I had been doing for part 2 of the project. In this she was able to recognise the reoccurring aspect of colour throughout the films I had been looking at and the experimental clips I have produced.

Going from here, we spoke about the narrative in films. I told her about Act Da Fool by Harmony Kornine and how I really like he production in the sense of  its narrative, locations and imperfect overlook. recognising the Lynchian and the Tarantino influences, we came to discuss how visually I have an idea of what I would like to achieve but when it comes to narrative I’m not sure on the direction I should be taking. In order to explore narrative, I have wrote out the script for Act Da fool as the purity and stream of consciousness enhances the whole film.

From here I plan to consider ways to capture different streams of consciousness, through perhaps interviews, unexpected recordings and readings of poems.

Through my hard focus on neo-noire films, I have developed a good understanding of emotion and capturing of it. I love the idea of passion and expression therefore I would like to work towards a noire type of production that is full of meaning, emotion and consciousness that is depicted through beautiful imagery.