This is a short fashion film developed in order to experiment with natural light. The experimentation has come as a result of watching productions by David Lynch, in these Lynch uses his signature styles of strong lighting which enhances the authenticity of the production. The film was developed in order to understand natural lighting better and to visually examine its effects. Te fashion film in itself mainly focuses on the idea of body with denim Levi’s as the main product in focus. The film captures essence of location and setting, through experimentation as such, I am able to understand the possible outcomes of using spaces such as bedrooms for filming location.

I think the film has turned out to be successful in consideration for the visual aspects, I have purposely added grain and red tint in order to create a certain nostalgic and strongly coloured visuals.The film contains no narrative as it is a purely visually experimental piece. The sound had also been produced on Garageband in order to develop suitable audio that can support the visuals.