For the second part of the project I want to keep investigating fashion film in reflection to my dissertation topic. My dissertation investigates the balance of commerce and art in fashion film with a focus on Lady Blue Shanghai for Dior by David Lynch and films by Ruth Hogben and Gareth Pugh. Lady blue contrasts the fashion film ideologies and approach  of Ruth Hogben and Gareth Pugh, thus the dissertation investigates the balance of commerce and art amongst the contrasting fashion film genres.

For my initial research I have looked at Lady Blue Shanghai, in reflection to this I want to look into fashion films with a narrative. In the last section of AD394 I developed a contemporary art fashion film that recreates the artworks and experiences of North Korean artist Sun Mu. In the development of SUN WHO, I created a film purely based around a narrative that was already in place through messages of the art by Sun mu. Although I was able to produce a visual production in a personal style, it’s visuals had still been highly influenced by sun mu.

For part 2 of AD394, I want to develop an advertorial film with a narrative. In reflection to my dissertation I want to develop a high balance of commerce and art, a creative fashion film that advertises a specific product, brand, collection or trend. I want to create a film that has a voice narrative and a story but ,maintains its creative aspects.

For this I am looking at Lady Blue Shanghai as my main source of inspiration in regards to the film style and genre. I like the idea of it looking as if it has been a scene cut from a full length film but still maintains its Lynchian Aesthetic. In the last film, I had used the studio as my shooting location, this enabled me to maintain a consistent atmosphere and setting, however for this film I want to experiment with locations and use of various models.