LM111 Reflection 3

Over the length of my second semester i have felt that LM111 Media in the Networked Society has been an incredibly interesting and eye opening module. I have learnt a wide variety of things over the course of the module from how our activity on social media can impact communities and individuals to how companies and government use dataveillance and surveillance to make money and gain power/information.

Generally over the course i have been absent a fair amount, this caused detriment to my overall learning and meant i had to put in a lot more work outside of university. However the times i was present i found very beneficial to understanding the topics and enabled me to make points of much greater understanding in class and within my work on other modules. If anything i believe this module has taught me the crucial value of attendance as i have found an hour within university (in terms of how much information i retain and gain) is worth many times the amount of hours i spend on my course outside. I especially feel this will become apparent within the third year when i am having to write my dissertation on top of my regular course work and i cannot afford to be wasting my time by having to figure everything out on my own at home.