Reflections on changing your Identity

So, we are no longer the Centre for Research in Innovation Management (CENTRIM). We are now The Centre for Change, Enterprise and Innovation Management. So, we were CENTRIM> And now we are… er, CENTRIM.

Same acronym, new name, and also new possibilities. In terms of membership we are much bigger. We now have a very clear brief to maintain our status as a CORE (A Centre of Research Excellence.

I’ll be posting some detailed reflections on that soon. Some early thoughts are as follows:

I’ve noticed my attachment to the old name. We were CENTRIM for over 20 years. And yet I am also very excited about the new name. Innovation is about novel ideas; it is about the new. Yet it is also about bring the best of the old and incorporating it into the new. Change is uncertain. Change can be frightening. It can take you out of your comfort zone. Yet is also creates the opportunity to generate new ideas, new practice, and new value. So I am looking forward to being the new version of CENTRIM.

There will be dialogue about what we are, and what we want to be. Critical to this is being in dialogue with the world outside of use, being responsive. One of our founder leaders, Professor John Bessant, described a key element of successful innovation being the ability to sense opprotunity and need outside and to adapt and re-organise internally in order to innovate effectively. That can be a challenge when you get set in your ways. The new CENTRIM has a lot of #’new blood’, – new people coming in with their own ideas, their own research experience and knowledge. The dialogue will be create and; deliberately, not always easy. I look forward to that. CENTRIM will need to walk its own talk about innovation.

Paul Levy, Senior Lecturer

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