CENTRIM people are deeply interested in innovation, enterprise and change management. How individuals, groups, organisations and even societies improve what they do in a way that brings tangible benefits. 

CENTRIM is a research centre at the University of Brighton with over thirty years of local, regional, national and international research in the fields of enterprise, change and innovation management.

 CENTRIM people are interested in innovation – how to support it, the problems of designing it, of implementing it, and sustaining it.

During this time, we have grown from a small unit located within a teaching faculty, to become an established centre within the university, with a staff of over twenty full- and part-time researchers, educators and administrators, as well as a growing number of postgraduate students and graduate associates working in industry.

 We view innovation, change and developing successful enterprise as a learning process and focus our attention on how individuals and groups, organisations, businesses and even governments share this learning, disseminate it, support and learn with other individuals and groups.

Academics with a Difference

CENTRIM people are academics with a difference. Many have hands on facilitation skills and know how to make discussions and workshops interactive and linked to practical action. We look into the world of innovation, change and transformation with the eye of questioners, researchers, investigators, but also implementers and experimenters.

We are fascinated by the processes of innovation – how it happens, what blocks it, how to think innovatively, how to develop innovative products and services.  

 The CENTRIM Offer

CENTRIM offers a range of services to businesses and organisations. Our research services, innovation audits, action learning programmes, training and development services are delivered all over the world. From small businesses to large multinationals. From Shoreham to South America! If you’d like to begin a conversation with CENTRIM, please contact us.

Contact us through:

Ms Sofia Eleftheriadi


+44 (0)1273 642344

Mithras House 
University of Brighton