Image capture guides

Digital Cameras/Card Readers

Data storage devices are often used for Digital cameras, Digital Media players, Mobile Phones and games consoles.

They are typically removable and rewritable, are smaller, faster, have thousands of times more capacity, and are more durable and reliable because of their lack of moving parts. Storagecapacities in can be as large as 256 GB.

Most Data storage devices come in the form of SD( Secure digital) cards, Compact flash cards and microSD cards, which are electronically compatible with SD cards, but have a much smaller physical size.

They some times need a reader to access their data.

There are two ways of accessing the photographs on your digital camera if your using a Mac computer:

1) Remove the camera’s memory card and use a Card Reader to plug into the computer.

The memory card will appear on the desk top and you can access your photographs by double clicking on the icon.

2) The camera can be connected directly to the computer using a USB cable, Normally the camera will show up just like the memory card icon, if not it may be better to use the Card Reader as explained above.


Using Image Capture app on Mac to import images

Image Capture is an application program that enables users to upload videos and pictures from mobile devices and digital cameras which are either connected directly to the computer or device.

The Image Capture Application can be found in the Applications folder on a Mac Computer.


Application folder


Students can upload their videos to

Login with your usual student ID/password.

Please note the maximum allowed upload size is 4.77 GB. Allowed file extensions: *.avi;*.flv;*. mkv;*.mov;*.mpg;*.mpeg;*.mp3;*.mp4;*.m4v;*.wav;*.webm;*.wma;*.wmv;*.3gp (the average video file size should be no more than 500 mg’s)

When you want to view/show the video login into Mediastream and click on the video to play.

To avoid orientation issues recommendations suggest that all videos are filmed in landscape, as there is no way of re-orienting as you upload the file.


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