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Creative Writing Accompanying Presentation “Echoes of the Past, Reimagined in the Now”

ECHOES OF THE PAST REIMAGINED IN THE NOW     What a place to be On the shores of the Sussex coast Beaten by the weather each day Taking everything we can take Making all we can make   Miss… Continue Reading →

55 Words – Richie’s Project “Faking It”

PERHAPS   Is it real or fake? Is that you or someone else? Do you know? Are you sure? Does it matter?   Is it authentic? How about original? Could it be a copy? Does it look like a counterfeit?… Continue Reading →

55 Word Statement – Richie’s Project “Faking It”

Richie is investigating peoples’ interpretations of “what is fake?”  Can they tell whether something is fake or not; and do they care? The objects that Richie creates will be obviously fake, two current experiments being MDF meat and forged steel… Continue Reading →

Images Inspired by Richard Maloney’s Project “Faking It”

Images re Richie’s Project-tigrmu

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