School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences

  • Student lab work

  • Students on an ecology field trip

  • Pharmacy student in Practice

  • Students completing group work in a lab session

We know our students have diverse talents and strengths and we design your learning experience with that in mind.

One way we achieve this is by continually reviewing and refreshing the content of courses and the way that we deliver learning to keep it fresh and relevant.

As a result, we are making further enhancements to all of our undergraduate degree courses to:

  • Consolidate the way that modules are structured to allow for more in-depth study.
  • Give students more choice on their assessment in at least one module per year.
  • Provide more opportunity for interdisciplinary study.
  • Increase innovation in how teaching and learning takes place.
  • Embed employability skills.
  • Reduce the number of written exams and increase practical assessments and course work.

Based on your feedback, we have made the following improvements:

  • Marking fairness
    On perceived unfair marking, we constantly review team marking to ensure parity and have written a statement in module handbooks explaining the process, showing how moderation prevents unfairness from occurring.
  • Marking criteria
    You wanted marking criteria provided in advance – we are doing this for all modules to aid clarity around assessment.
  • Lanyards
    You wanted University of Brighton lanyards, we’re providing course lanyards to allow you to identify peers around the University.