14th May 2018

The colours everywhere in the woodland are bright and clean today. The range of green tones are exceptional and this year the yellow archangel flowers add a speckled pattern across the woodland floor. The warmth of the air seems to encourage speedy growth and ferns are opening like slow motion explosions. I spent the morning working with John on a very boggy patch along a pathway. My job was to gather stones from a nearby river bed to help drain the bog, it was a treat to be ankle deep in gently running water all morning, listening to the sound of the leaves in the canopy above. A sound not heard since autumn.

Trafalgar Oak
the wonderful Trafalgar Oak in its best colours

The chairperson
The new chairperson Ken, takes advice from the recently retired chairperson Stephen.
boggy pathway
tackling one of the many boggy patches on the peripheral path
ash trees
some of the ash trees look very sparse

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