5th January 2017

Happy New Year. The company of volunteers are working hard to coppice the hazel trees and are also producing Flower Stakes, Bean Rods and Pea Sticks as a by product, to be sold, possibly at the annual village fayre. We all worked hard cutting and protecting the newly coppiced trees with wigwam frames. Whilst the main group coppiced, Steven and Neil barrowed wood chippings to cover bald patches on the pathways. They also noted places that need urgent attention next week. We did break off slightly early to celebrate Steven’s birthday.

The volunteers work hard coppicing hazel trees
David selects and cuts bean rods to size, then cuts a point at their base.
John made a brilliant stand to cut the Flower Stakes accurately to length before tying them into bundles of 12
Our woodland factory, a traditional method of conservation that celebrates all that is good about our woodland
suitable long straight lengths of coppiced hazel poles are stacked for selection.

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