Portraits: Women Designers

Natasha Kroll

Black and white portrait of Natasha Kroll leaning over large plansDisplay and Production Designer (1912-2004)

Natasha Kroll studied display design at the Reimann School in Berlin, and joined its teaching staff when the school moved to London in 1936. In 1942 Kroll was appointed display manager at Simpson (Piccadilly) Ltd. where her display philosophy, rooted in European modernism, complemented the new premises designed by Joseph Emberton. In 1956 Kroll joined the production design department of the BBC, going on to specialize in period drama. She was a Fellow of the Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. Natasha Kroll was elected to the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry in 1966.

Further Reading:

  • Natasha Kroll, Window Display, 1954.


Image from the Design Council Archive, University of Brighton Design Archives.


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Sirpa Kutilainen • November 10, 2015

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