Moving Image: Virtual Exhibition Planning

For the final exhibition, I decided to put my cyanotype creations from ‘The Shadow’ shoot onto silk. The materiality of silk is similar to that of the shadow, both sharing transparent qualities and a lightness to them. Printing the cyanotypes onto a light silk, I wanted to capture them moving in the wind to show the thin veil so that it is able to pick up light and shadow surrounding it. Below are my samples of the cyanotypes I made on silk, then some video experiments that will be shown for my virtual exhibition show. They definitely look better in person, when you can see the texture and movement, as well as seeing what lies behind the silk, whereas I feel like it doesn’t quite pick up so well when I have taken photographs of them.

With the creation of video, I have added a frequency soundtrack (by Varma Ijud) to create ambience within an exhibition space. The low tones from the soundtrack ties in with the dark side of the shadow and wanting it to be slightly eerie as we embark on the journey of the four archetypes. Taking the exposure down and adding more black to the video edits, I wanted the black backdrop to almost blend in with the silk cyanotype so that there is a ghostly feel to the final outcome, making it hard to tell where the cyanotype starts and where it ends. I am pleased with how the videos have turned out as they communicate the feeling of unease, and how the fragility of the silk fabric complements the delicacy of the shadow. I do however think if I had more time, I would have liked to perhaps shot the final footage in the woods or on a different backdrop so that the transparency of the fabric was clearer. With that being said, I do think the black backdrop works, however when shown virtually, it doesn’t quite do the final result any justice. I did plan to have these silk cyanotypes on my FMP website, but I definitely think the paper tests I did are much better suited for the virtual space, as these pictures of the silk cyanotypes almost look like an unprofessional and unfinished outcome.