Now that I have researched and experimented with photographic processes throughout the research project and for this current module, I feel confident going forward that these shoots are going to run smoothly. The most important steps for me right now is to carry on planning and preparing for each of these editorial shoots that will form my larger body of work, then exhibited through an exhibition space that will incorporate the sensory experience of moving image and sound within it. But as for now, the main focus is refining each archetype and concept so that when it comes to shooting I will know exactly what I am doing.

In addition, I have been focusing on the logistical side of planning each shoot. I have been getting in touch with stylists, HMUA’S and models and have a shoot planned for the 17th March (for the Anima/Animus) archetype. After speaking to Eloise, she provided some feedback and suggested using a wider range of models for the shoot. Also, she has advised me to really refine what the shoot is communicating and to make sure to effectively showcase this. For example, am I trying to capture the synergy between the anima/animus? or is it more about tension? I am interested in combining these two factors within the shoot and how the male/female characteristics come into play within this. Therefore, I think the best way to communicate this is to use different sets of models- female+female, female+male, male+male, which will portray the similarities or polar opposites of their characteristics. Using Jungian theory as the inspiration for how I aim to direct the models, I am focused on capturing the anima within male gesture and movement, and the animus within female gesture and movement.

Among the most important archetypes are what he termed the “animus” and the “anima”. Jung theorised that each man has an unconscious female side (anima) and each woman an unconscious male side (animus). For Jung the anima personifies traditionally “feminine” traits, such as the capacity for sensitivity, greater depth of feeling and the ability to relate emotionally to others, while to the animus is assigned what he described as “masculine” attributes, such as initiative, bravery and independence.



Jung, Carl.G, M.-L. von Franz, ‘The Process of Individuation’, Man and His Symbols’, (1964)