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After developing key concepts and conducting theoretical and visual research for my final major project, I think it’s time to take action and start conceptualising and finalising shoot ideas for my final outcomes. Although I feel like I haven’t produced enough research or test shoots this module due to the lockdown taking place which definitely caused a lack of motivation and anxiety of where I could be headed for this module, I do feel confident now that I am able to produce a good body of work for my final shoots going forward. I think sometimes its easy to get lost in trying to produce too much research which could go on forever and ever given the intensity and magnitude of the topic that I could look into, so I am pleased that I was able to refine and take parts from each of these concepts so that I can put my personal interpretation on it. Moving forward, I think it would be important to sit down and look at the time I have left until the deadline so that I am able to set a series of mini deadlines for tasks that need to be completed on time. Producing these shoots on time is definitely the number one priority starting from now as I will then need to consider how I want to exhibit/display this, whilst also working on my portfolio. From having tutorials with Eloise, I think we have established the direction I would like to take for my shoots and the visual identity that goes alongside this (where there is a focus on photography and using digital and analogue processes) so now the next step is to thoroughly plan out and get in touch with any contacts such as make up artists, stylists, photographic studios etc. to see who is available for work during this pandemic. I think at the start of this module, I felt extremely stressed about the logistics of how these shoots were going to take place, however now that I have explored other mediums such as incorporating animation and 3D scanning during this time where I had limited resources, it feels like I now have additional skills which I may have not even thought about as I wouldn’t be trying to adapt to stressful situations. I am now confident that these shoots can go ahead after speaking to some photographic studios that are open for use- so the plan is to combine all of my experimentations and knowledge from the last couple of months to produce these exciting shoots!

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