AD394 and moving forward for my FMP

Moving on from AD394, I am aim to continue researching key concepts which relate to the idea of distorting our perception of reality. In order to input my own interpretation onto these themes, I think it would be important to find a concept to behind it so that there is a solid foundation that I can build my work around. As the topic of distortion and perception is so broad, I need to figure out how I am able to narrow it down so it will make it easier when it comes to creating my final pieces of work to exhibit and for my portfolio. From the last project, I explored various analogue processes within photography such as using the darkroom, creating cyanotypes and digital manipulation techniques which has allowed me to be open to experimentation moving forward. I think originally I wanted to continue using the darkroom to experiment however due to the situation of being in another national lockdown, I think areas within my statement of intent need to be re-evaluated so I am able to work around the limitations.

For instance, I originally planned to have a series of photographic images which were primarily fashion editorial based where I could base a narrative upon the images which were styled and shot collaboratively within a team. Whilst this may still be possible in the future when lockdown eases, I think the challenges facing the start of this project is to try and be as realistic as possible, as well as adapting my project so that I don’t face as many hardships further down the line. I think one of the most important factors within my work that I still want to push forward with is working with analogue techniques in combination with digital mediums to bridge the gap between the physical elements of analogue, with the digital sphere that we so heavily rely on- this is especially relevant during this pandemic.

How can elements of touch, emotion and our perception of reality be interpreted through a series of processes and imagery? I think the first step within this project is to establish the key themes I will be exploring throughout, which I can then use to develop and experiment visual outputs. It will also be important to consider how this work will be exhibited for the final result.