Over the course of the summer I have been thinking about how and what I want to achieve out of my final year and my project. I felt that it is important that the topics that I chose can relate to me on a personal level so that it is something I can grow and learn from. With COVID-19 sending us all into isolation, I have learnt to cherish and value human relationships and connecting to nature and its beauty. Sustaining a slower approach of living, I felt most connected to the ordinary fragments of experiences in which it drove me to finding deeper attachments to the world.

My research and intentions going forward is to explore the ways in which human nature and mother nature go hand in hand. In this technological generation, what are the ways in where these all cross over? How am I able to communicate through photography the beauty that is surrounding us and how can I bring the human experience into my work? I am drawn to the idea of exploring ways in which I can distort my ideas in where all the lines are blurred.

As a starting point, I have been greatly inspired by surrealism in photography and how it enables the viewer to observe an impossible reality, yet the images are created from real life experiences with layers of meaning and intent.  I am fascinated by the dream like approach to conveying what is already in our reality and what is perhaps not (tapping into dreams and unconsciousness).

Moving forward, the next steps are to do in depth research into artists and photographers that explore the themes of human behaviour, tapping into mother nature and the ways in which they are presented. Look at the ways in how these images are brought to life (focusing on perspective, composition, lighting, narrative etc).



‘The Years Lie in Wait For You’

Photograph by Dora Maar (c. 1935)


‘Illuminations’ for Numero France

Photograph by Michael Pudelka

For CR Fashionbook

Photograph by Leslie Zhang