CUSTOMER PROFILE: Kids In Parents Pockets Eroding Retirement Savings


  • KIPPERS: “Used to describe young(ish) people who should have moved out of the parental home but have refused to give up the easy lifestyle and perks that this entails. As a result this costs the parents in money and time.”
  • AGE: 17-27
  • Either a student, intern or are not in work as their parents have enough money to support them for as long as they want. They have a low personal income however are still financially stable and are able to live a luxurious lifestyle.
  • They live in a big city either with their parents or housemates. All funded by their parents.
  • Pocket money or wages is spent on clothing or travelling, staying in lavish hotels.
  • They spend their money on trendy designers and sought on items. They enjoy buying into streetwear brands and labels or upcoming designers.
  • They like to spend their time visiting artisan coffee shops and exhibitions with all the free time they have. They are culturally aware of art and fashion due to all the experience they have with travelling and visiting new places.
  • They tend to use social media regularly, posting onto instagram and their stories on the daily. They use social media to follow up on news and any relevant updates.

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