Inspired by Jenny Saville, I decided to experiment in creating morphed, compressed style photographs by using the scanner. I received some very interesting effects that I am really pleased with and will definitely use for my zine. I am really happy with the way these have turned out and really portrays the message I am trying to bring across- which is being comfortable with your body and emphasising on what others may see as a flaw- whether it be your skin, stomach, boobs.. I like the idea of how these images bring you closer to revealing parts of the body and highlights the skin. Although some (especially the face scans) may appear to be quite comedic, I find that they are really intimate and really draws your attention to the finer details.


To create some more consistency in my zine, I want to reconsider the fonts that I am using. After re-thinking, i think that the font that I was previously using (old english)  wasn’t really communicating well with some of the segments of my zine, as well as being quite hard to read- for example the cover. What I originally liked about the old english font was that it was bold, strong, and toughened which I thought went well with the content of my zine. However now looking back, I feel that there are other fonts that I could use which can deliver the same kind of message, however in a way that it is more distinguishable and easy to read.

There are a couple of options that I could use and I have tested out, and I have been deciding between these three slogan fonts for my cover:

(1) Hand drawn slogan from Marthas workshop

(2) Futura (bold)- I like the simplicity of this font, whilst it still communicates the bold, strong elements that I want. I think that this is the font that I will end up using for my cover- and also any subheadings inside my zine (photoshoot headings, title poem etc)

(3) Noise Machine


After speaking with Mark, he has pointed out how I need more of a flow in my zine as parts of it looks quite separated due to the use of too many styles and colour. Therefore, I need to come up with ways in how I can produce more of a consistency in my work in order for the narrative to work. I think the issue I need to resolve is how I can change up the layout and perhaps work into some of my photoshoot (F FOR YOU) images to try and resolve this problem. Sometimes it is best to leave some things out rather than too much, so one thing I could perhaps do to change this is to maybe take away the pink borders, or have some images illustrated/worked into rather than having an image. Another option could be to even have just the pink border images as my main photographs. As the deadline is now approaching, I need to come up with a solution soon therefore will need to carry on experimenting with some more layout ideas.


Over the series of illustration workshops, I feel that I have gained more confidence when it comes to drawing. I think the biggest lesson I have learnt from this is that you don’t always have to be precise with proportions or details, but rather find your own style in order to create a piece of work that is authentic and brings a clear message in what you want to convey. Although I think I still have a long way to go in finding my own style and interpretation of drawing, I still thoroughly enjoyed learning new techniques that I can take further and experiment in the future if I wanted to. What I enjoyed most from this was definitely learning about how simplistic lines and colour can sometimes be all you need in creating a great piece of illustration.


  • My shoot based on a confident woman.
  • Wanted feminine themes.
  • Styled with fishnets (inspired by Pure Stent)
  • I wanted it to be more focused on body parts rather than the main overall body, in order to create a more abstract image.
  • I tried to use fishnet tights over the face to create a more dynamic image, however the images didn’t turn out great so I had to scrap my initial idea, however I found that zooming into the skin and looking more into detail worked better than experimenting with the fishnet tights itself, which I was worried that I was kind of doing at the start.