• Body empowerment- looking into body image. Look into artists/photographers focusing on this theme. (e.g Jenny Saville)
  • Styling- festish wear/goth inspired. Using black, leather, PVC, metal (chains, buckles, belts to embelish the look).
  • Posing- as I want to look into body image, perhaps try out interesting and unusual poses to enhance body details. Work with close ups of body and details of clothing.
  • Lighting- I think any form of intense lighting will work best for this shoot. Harsh shadows and highlights to create intensity.


After doing some research and collating a pinterest board on the New Romantics era, I have decided to plan out a test shoot on this which I think will reflect the research I have undertaken. I have researched themes of gender bending in my research and am hugely inspired Bowie and his transformative styles. His capability to wear whatever he wanted- whether it was catsuits, sharp blazers or sparkling outfits he did it with confidence. I have also taken inspiration from Boy George’s makeup looks as I feel that the outfit relating to the new romantics subculture wouldn’t be complete without it! Here are some things I would like to try and include in my shoot:

  • Experiment with different lighting situations. Does it work better with or without flash?
  • Makeup- i want to create a bold makeup look. Pink eyes, red lips, pale face
  • Outfit- something lacy, with frills or sparkly. I want the look to challenge masculinity by wearing what is considered ‘feminine’

Here are some images I have used for inspiration:



The concept of this shoot was based around rave culture and the freedom of this movement. I wanted to bring in elements from shoots I researched such as from the blood brothers x Selfridges shoot and styling ideas from the GLAMOUR magazine shoot which had a more feminine approach to rave fashion. The main focus of this test shoot was familiarizing ourselves with portable lighting and coloured gels- learning how they work in different environments. For this test shoot, I collaborated with Lauren- working together on a combination photography and styling with a shoot based around the rave subculture. Similarly to the first test shoot I did previously, I wanted to incorporate neon lighting as I felt that this really embodies the theme of rave culture and relates well to nightclubs energetic lighting that moulds into themusic. We decided to hire out portable lighting alongside some coloured gels to create a nightclub like experience in Lauren’s living room- where we decided to shoot (as studios were fully booked). Shooting in a small space turned out to be somewhat of an obstacle as limited space meant that it was difficult to take full length images without having something distracting in the background.

We used three models for this shoot, which we thought would be interesting to work with composition in our photographs. However due to the small space, we found it extremely challenging to include all three models in the shot- it was even hard to use two. Therefore, in a change of plans we decided to focus more on portraits and mid shots for this test shoot. In hindsight, it would have been better to find a larger space we could have worked with as this was our biggest downfall.

For the styling, we wanted to go for a more sportswear/street wear aesthetic as we thought that this again reflected well with 90’s rave fashion. Graphic tees paired with bum bags, ripped denim and camo went with the care free, comfortable style we were aiming to achieve. The Kappa jacket that Molly wears in these photographs turned out to a lot more eye catching than we thought so decided to use this as a main subject point to pose the model. For example, having it loosely falling off her shoulder, or having the Kappa strip on her arm pointed towards the middle of the camera to bring out the logo. I also really enjoyed styling this shoot with the neon pink sunglasses as it blends in nicely with the neon lighting- the accessory also worked as a great prop to pose the model around.



Blue camo crop top, blue camo trousers, Nike air max 95’s


Outfit 1- Kappa jacket, NASA graphic tee, pleated culotte trousers, FILA disruptor trainers, leather bum bag, pink tinted sunglasses

Outfit 2- Metallic jumpsuit, fishnet top, same accessories


Outfit 1- Yellow sweater, distressed denim jeans, Reebok trainers

Outfit 2- Sequin boob tube, distressed denim jeans

Inspired by the Blood Brothers x Selfridges editorial, I liked the way they did a shoot on location to give their photos a narrative. A way to capture an atmosphere as well as giving the styling of the shoot a sense of purpose. I also really liked the way their photos have a neon tint to them and has a surreal effect. This was something we wanted to re-create for our shoot so we decide to shoot on top of a rooftop where we we able to transfer portable lighting outside and use neon gels to try and shine on to the models. However, as it was still too light out the lights were too subtle and did not create that intense neon effect we were trying to go for. Trying to make it work, we used the neon gels over our camera lenses to create a more vibrant effect- however this was not the visual effect we were aiming to go for thus did not want to carry on using this method. We felt that now the rooftop location lacked depth and purpose so we decided to go back inside to shoot instead where we faced problems with space.

These images shown below are my favourites from the shoot and which I believe came out successfully. Although the composition for all four are all similar in terms of them being mid shot. I think they all have great qualities to them due to the way she is posed. I have really enjoyed using the double exposure effect on my camera as I think it embodies the energy and feelings of when you are at a rave. For further development, I think it could be interesting to carry on using this technique however similarly to my first test shoot include more elements of movement to really capture a raw, honest response to rave culture.