For this denim styling workshop, we took inspiration from hip-hop music and culture this why we decide to later extreme baggy jeans to form a layered look. Overall, I really enjoyed the workshop as it gave me an insight of what stylists do and having to work with what you got. I do wish we had more than just the afternoon for this workshop as it would have been fun to create more looks and capture more images.


As a part of the object brief, I am to deconstruct my object. I started to rethink an old pair of boots in detail first in order to distinguish the possible outcomes I could come out with. I had found an old pair of black knee-high sock boots made from a stretchy synthetic fabric, with a small kitten heel from a charity store. I liked the fact that they were plain and lacked character as it allowed me to transform the object to however I desired.

For the final outcome, I started cutting up the boot. Firstly, as they were knee length boots I cut them down until they became ankle boots. I liked these pair of boots as they reminded me of Balenciaga’s latest sock boots which have a similar shape. I wanted to transform the boot into something inspired by the punk movement. I started cutting at each seam until i was left with separate segments. I used safety pins to ‘sew’ the shoe back together unevenly which I think gave it a more distressed, chaotic feel to them. Sticking with the idea of irregularity, I decided to leave the other boot untouched, simply adding lacing up the back of the boot tied up like a corset for a more stylish finish. Again, I thought the black and yellow provided a contrast which ties into the look well.



  • Has remained the same throughout time and in most cultures; to provide protection from the elements.
  • For profile and status reasons. Boots made from leather were worn in the ancient period as a symbol of wealth, power, and military might. Worn as a distinction from the rest of the population who were often seen barefooted.
  • Can be made from various fabrics such as silk, cotton, wool, polyester. However they are typically made from suede or leather.


What can you take from this?

I am inspired by the idea that boots are worn as a symbol of power. This can be communicated through the boot itself. Think about the materials they are made from. Take Doc Marten boots as an example:

  • Made from durable, strong, hard wearing materials throughout which I believe makes the wearer feel empowered and confident.
  • The feel of leather, suede or most materials used to make ankle boots are often rigid, strong and feature interesting textures. Can this make the wearer feel a certain way?
  • Movement and sound of the boot itself also makes distinct, chunky, heavy sounds which is different from most shoes.
  • Ankle boots have a way of making the wearer feel bold, confident and almost a feeling of being indestructible.
  • A way of power dressing (??)


For this project, I have been given ankle boots as my object. For the first part of the brief I will do primary research by going into town and looking for style inspiration and also ideas of what people like to wear. My aims for the first part of this project are:

  • STYLE HUNT- approach people and ask if I am able to take a photograph of what they are wearing. Ask a few simple questions, such as why they chose this certain pair of boots, how else would they choose to style them, are there any brands they particularly like for shoes/boots?
  • MARKET RESEARCH- go to stores (both high street and vintage) to distinguish certain styles, shapes, materials etc in order for me to understand what I am working with.

Hopefully by doing this I am able to figure out how to move on from this brief as I do find the object ankle boots to be quite a broad area of what I am able to do due to the many different styles available.


I’m Nam. Short for Wainam. My parents moved from Hong Kong to Cardiff, Wales during their adulthood and it is where I grew up. I spent a lot of my childhood playing with dolls by dressing and designing clothes for them. This is where my love for fashion and styling stems from. Throughout my years in high school I paid particular attention to all creative subjects such as art, and textiles- this definitely gave me the opportunity to have a solid understanding on skills and techniques needed to progress further in education. Growing up I originally aspired to be a designer, however I later went on to do my art foundation year at my local college where I found a love for photography.

I chose this course in particular because of the diversity of what you are able to do and achieve. I hope this will allow me to step out of my comfort zone into trying out new and exciting things. I am most excited about the photography and styling part of this course however I am also very interested in learning about the business aspect.