VI-Suite 0.6.1 – Call for testing

Dear all.

The Vi-Suite (v0.6.1) has been updated to work with the current Blender 2.93LTS release. I have not however had a lot of time for bug hunting so some testing, especially on Windows and OS X platforms, is still required.

There are no major changes in this release except for the update to the newer Blender version. I have however made some changes to the VI Location, LiVi Context, EnVi Context, EnVi Sub-surface flow and EnVi Opaque layer nodes that will mean these nodes will have to be recreated if updating a v0.6 analysis to a v0.6.1 one.

General questions can go on the Google Group and bug reports can be filed at Bug reports should contain information regarding operating system, method of install, and any relevant terminal output and/or contents of the vi-suite-log file. Images of node setups can also be useful.

v0.6.1 sits now in its own github repository which can be found at and the current master version can be downloaded from



7 thoughts on “VI-Suite 0.6.1 – Call for testing

  1. Really great set of tools, thank you.

    Have run into an issue when working with ies files, the VI-Suite Object Definition limits IES Strength to a value of 1.00 – which recalls the measured flux from the ies file.

    However often times lamps and luminaires are not only dimmed down but run at higher flux than the nominal measurement.

    Straightforward to multiply strength in Cycles Nodes, but not found a way to address this when exporting for radiance calculations…

    Any way to achieve the desired outcome currently? Plans to address in the future?

    Appreciate this is a fairly niche requirement, but I’m hoping there are potentially straight forward ways to address or work around.

  2. Hi Ryan,
    I’ve run into the following python error when trying to use the light array object in Blender. Same error on Blender 2.83 and 2.93 (I’ve installed the relevant add-on for each version)

    Python: Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/Users/chris.balkham/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.93/scripts/addons/vi-suite061-master/”, line 608, in invoke
    radgexport(self, node)
    File “/Users/chris.balkham/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.93/scripts/addons/vi-suite061-master/”, line 265, in radgexport
    AttributeError: ‘bpy_func’ object has no attribute ‘clear’

    location: :-1

  3. Thanks for the bug report. This is fixed in master.
    Bear in mind this is now an increasingly obsolete version of the VI-Suite as development has moved to v0.7.

    • Ah, ok. Look forward to testing version v0.7, I’ll give the new install method a trial when I get a moment. Off topic but is there a way to create light arrays through geometry nodes? I’m often laying out large grids of the same emitter so a fast way of producing layouts would be great.


  4. As the light array is just a mesh you can create it with geometry nodes but the specification that it is a light array, and the associated IES file, needs to be done manually unless you create a custom geometry node to do that for you. Don’t know if custom geometry nodes are available yet.

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