VI-Suite 0.6.1 – Call for testing

Dear all.

The Vi-Suite (v0.6.1) has been updated to work with the current Blender 2.93LTS release. I have not however had a lot of time for bug hunting so some testing, especially on Windows and OS X platforms, is still required.

There are no major changes in this release except for the update to the newer Blender version. I have however made some changes to the VI Location, LiVi Context, EnVi Context, EnVi Sub-surface flow and EnVi Opaque layer nodes that will mean these nodes will have to be recreated if updating a v0.6 analysis to a v0.6.1 one.

General questions can go on the Google Group and bug reports can be filed at Bug reports should contain information regarding operating system, method of install, and any relevant terminal output and/or contents of the vi-suite-log file. Images of node setups can also be useful.

v0.6.1 sits now in its own github repository which can be found at and the current master version can be downloaded from