VI-Suite v0.6 – Installation video

The first video of the v0.6 tutorial series is now live on YouTube in the v0.6 playlist Nothing too interesting in this video as it really only deals with the installation procedure and some of the new interface elements.

In other news, there was a problem with Radiance and EnergyPlus file permissions when using the github zip file on OS X and Linux. This should now be fixed. If there are continuing problems than as ever report on the github page




3 thoughts on “VI-Suite v0.6 – Installation video

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  2. Hello!!

    I’m trying out the VI Suite and I’m really new to all this. It says that the zip file has the radiance and other software files. My question is, and it might be a dumb question but it still is a question: do I need to install Radiance and Energy Plus first? I looked for the answer in the manual, but couldn’t find an answer. Are Radiance and Energy Plus softwares on their own that need to be installed first or do they work as kind of support files for other sowtwares?

    Thank you very much for your time and I appreciate your work!

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