VI-Suite v0.6 – Update 3

Dear all.

I have, I believe, finished adding features to the VI-Suite, for now, and I am now moving into bug-fixing mode. I do not have the access to other computing platforms that I used to have due to the pandemic, so I am interested to hear if there are any activation issues with v0.6 on OS X, Windows and different flavours of Linux.

The zip file of the source code can be downloaded from This zip file should be installable directly from Blender’s addon preferences window. I have been working purely with Blender 2.83.6 LTS, and while it may work on later Blender versions I am primarily interested in any activation issues with 2.83.6 LTS.

I have not yet finished updating the user manual for v0.6 but for simple sun path, shadow mapping, SVF and LiVi (Radiance) calculations the process is quite similar to v0.4 and the tutorial videos for that release will hopefully give you enough to get started. EnVi (EnergyPlus) and FloVi (OpenFOAM) have changed quite a bit, and I advise waiting for updated documentation before trying those components. I will post here again when a basic manual is available. Tutorial videos will follow after that.

Any bug reports should go in the github page and general questions on the google group Please include in any bug report platform information, the nature and version of the Blender install and any relevant terminal output.




8 thoughts on “VI-Suite v0.6 – Update 3

  1. Hello,
    I hope you are doing well. I am looking for videos of the tutorials that are not available anymore such as VI-Suite Tutorial 9 since I am learning VI-Suite step by step. I was wondering if you could help me in this regard. In facrt, I am working with EnVi and I need its related Tutorials and unfortunately, some of them do not exist anymore. Thank you very much for such an easy to understand descriptions you have provided.

    • Hi.
      I have not yet recorded tutorial videos for v0.6, and I had to take some of the old v0.4 videos down as they were taking up too much space in my storage. I will however be recording new video tutorials soon and I have just updated the user manual for v0.6 which may be useful.

      • Thank you very much for your quick reply. Sorry I have not received any notifications on my email about your reply so I was only waiting. I just saw your reply by chance as I normally check this webpage. In fact, I am facing an issue I do not know how to solve. I have modeled a two-zone house exactly based on your Tutorial 10 with PartyWalls. In addition, I have connected the zones with one door in between (i.e. I created one door for each zone and with the snapping tool, I connected the zones like the case of party walls). As you advised, in order to tell EnVi these doors sit between the zones, I have connected them with a subsurface flow node in which, socket 1 is connected to one wall and socket 2 connected to the other. However, when I open the door and export my context it seems they are open to the outside environment not to the front zone. I would appreciate it if you could help me and tell me what is the issue. This model is important for my project (A two-zone office with a door in between). Thank you very much, in advance.

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