2 thoughts on “VI-Suite v0.3 – Tutorial 5 – LiVi Natural Lighting

  1. Hi, thank you very much for the good and hard work!.
    I have a question: could you please explain how the “Results out” and “File out” work?, Is it possible to export the simulation results (e.g., export the coordinates of each vertex in the sensor plane and its DF/illuminance value)? I have tried using the “csv export” but I get an error for the line 556 in the vi_operators.py script and I don’t know how to fix it:

    KeyError: ‘key not in subgroup dict’

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi Diana.
      I am afraid those sockets are just stubs at the moment. I’m planning on enabling export of x,y,z,results via the results out socket in version 0.4.
      If you put your question as a support request to the Google group I can however post some code there that will allow you to export the data you want.

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