3 thoughts on “VI-Suite v0.3 – Tutorial 4 – Shadow Study

  1. Hello Ryan,

    Thank you very much for working on this Blender plugin. I would like to use the shadow study node in a python script. Do you know how to (a) either run the “Calculate VI Shadow Study” from an existing VI Network node tree or (b) how to run the shadow study directly from python (i.e. python console in Blender)?

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi.
      I’m not quite sure what you mean by a). For b) the shadow study operator can be called via Python command bpy.ops.node.shad(‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’, nodeid = “VI Shadow Study@NodeTree”) where nodeid is the “name of the shadow node@name of the node tree in which it sits”. A node and a node tree are still required to provide the settings. This is basically true for all the VI-Suite operators but you may need to change ‘INVOKE_DEFAULT’ to ‘EXECUTE_DEFAULT’ if the operator uses the execute method rather than invoke.

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