VI-Suite v0.2 – Tutorial 1 – Installation


Embedded below is the first video in the v0.2 tutorial series. In it I quickly go over the installation of the VI-Suite and navigating the Blender interface to get you starting to create VI-Suite nodes.

v0.2 is mostly a bug fix release with some under the hood changes that hopefully make it more robust. The most important of these is in LiVi where results are now stored within the sensing meshes and results animated in a different way so there is no longer an 8 frame animation limit. The wind rose and sun path analyses have also seen some cosmetic love and there is one new feature; the ASC import node for importing accurate terrain height data in Esri Ascii format.

v0.2 has been released onto the VI-Suite website at As Google Code is shutting down VI-Suite code repositories can now be found on GitHub. v0.2 code can be checked out from and v0.3 code, which is currently bleeding edge and unlikely to run, can be found at

VI-Suite v0.2 Installation from Ryan Southall on Vimeo.