LiVi Climate Based Daylight Modelling

Climate Based Daylight Modelling (CBDM) is achieved with the LiVi CBDM node. CBDM takes hourly sky data, in this case from an EPW weather file selected in a VI Location node, and calculates lighting metrics either cumulative;y for the period simulated, or for each hour. CBDM offers greater contextualisation compared to a daylight factor calculation, and greater confidence compared to static time based simulations. A typical node set-up for a LiVi CBDM analysis is shown below.
CBDM analysis for the calculation of advanced lighting metrics such as light exposure (luxhours), radiation exposure (kWh/m²), daylight availability (%), hourly radiation (W), and useful daylight illuminance (%).

A short video showing a CBDM analysis can be watched below.

VI-Suite Climate Based Daylight Modelling from Ryan Southall on Vimeo.

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