Create a mini-zine

A zine (pronounced ‘zeen’) is simply a small home-made magazine. The most popular kind is an 8-page mini-zine made from a single sheet of A4 paper, folded and cut as shown in the diagram below. All the pages are on the same side of the paper, so you can make them out of any spare handouts or the backs of letters.

sample zineDownload this as a printable A4 sheet  that shows you how to turn it into a sample mini-zine (but remember the printed fold lines are unlikely to align exactly with your paper, so use the actual edges as your guide).

Once you get the hang of them, making mini-zines can be addictive. They are a fun format to turn lecture notes into pocket size revision aids (see also Visual Note making  and Timelines, story boards and comic strips). You could also use them to plan projects, or as a weekly diary to record key ideas or a drawing a day for a week Рsee Draw something every day

You’ll find more inspiration and video demonstrations on the internet. See eg )

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