MA Induction Book 4

Japanese binding or “Stab” Binding

For this book, single pages are gathered into a tidy pile and then a series of holes are drilled along one edge. The pages are sewn through the holes (or sometimes screwed together using binding posts).

This is a useful structure for binding visual research or when pages are very large. One edge of each sheet will be hidden inside the binding and the pages do not always open flat (though there are ways around this: for example, if you are binding heavy weight paper, you can make a crease on the binding edge which will act as a hinge and encourage the pages to open flat).

This structure is also useful for making flick books. A flick book is the only structure that you would want the grain direction of the paper to travel across the page rather than head to tail.

Japanese/Stab Binding:

Use the bundle of single sheets with two, thin card covers for this project.

  1. Take one of the white sheets and mark up along one edge with a ruler and a pencil as follows:
On the short edge, draw a line that is 1cm in from the edge. On this line, mark two points at 1cm from top and bottom edges and then a centre point to make three hole positions. Use this sheet on top of your pages and covers so that you know where to drill the holes.

2. Using the power drill to make the sewing holes. Please read through the instructions below and watch the video before you use the drill. You will be able to ask the technician for help if you need it.

The drill should be plugged in at the wall and ready to use. It has been preset to drill holes that are 1cm from the edge of the page. Please tie back hair, scarves etc before you use the drill and use the hand sanitiser.

Video: using the power drill.

Take your pages back to your work desk and prepare for sewing. Discard the top sheet that you used as a guide and set up your pages as shown here:
Lay the bundle of pages down flat and hang the edge with the holes over the edge of the bench. Use a weight to hold everything in place.

Video: 3-hole sewing


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