Line the Spine

It is a good idea to add some strength to the book block around the spine edge. After you have joined the endpapers, a piece of thin strong material is cut to size then glued on firmly to wrap around the spine and on to both the front and back of the book block.

A variety of materials can be used for this – thin linen or other similar fabric, or mull – an open weave material that looks like a gauze.

  1. Cut the book edges first then cut your strengthening fabric to size: it should be the width of the spine plus about 2cm on either side of the spine so roughly 5cm wide (for a 1cm thick book).
  2. Measure the height of the cut page and minus 2mm to get the height of the strengthening material.
  3. Glue the strengthener on top of scrap paper with PVA then lay it in place on to the spine and fold it tightly around the corners and on to the sides of the endpapers. Press it in place firmly with a bone folder or with your fingers. Leave the book to dry hanging over the edge of the desk.
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