Level 5 Inductions PLEASE READ

There are three inductions in Book Arts for Level 5 (graphics and illustration students only) –  Swiss, Coptic and Hard cover multi-section. These inductions are designed to give students the basic bookbinding skills they need to produce multi-section books with hard or soft covers. With practice, students will be able to develop their skills to make bespoke bindings of high quality.

For more information about the different structures, please see the induction tutorials:
L5 Induction 1: Coptic Sewing

L5 Induction 2: Swiss Binding

L5 Induction 3: Hard Cover Book

Students can book a half day in the workshop using Eventbrite to study the induction of their choosing. Students will be required to bring a device with them to the workshop so that they can follow the online tutorial whilst in the workshop.

Please note we do not run inductions during the third term.

Helen will be in the room and available for questions and any other technical support that you may need. Just ask if there is anything you are unsure of.

When you arrive in the workshop, Helen will show you where your workspace is. Please use the coat pegs and wire basket for your stuff so that you don’t create tripping hazards by dumping everything on the floor!

To maintain good ventilation in the workshop, the windows may be open even as the weather cools in the autumn. Please bear this in mind and perhaps bring an extra layer.

If you missed both the inductions in Level 4, you may still be able to attend the Level 5 Inductions but you may find it more difficult to complete the tasks. (It is recommended to attend at least one Level 4 induction before attempting one in Level 5).

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