Level 4 Induction Part 1

This induction is available for all Level 4 students in Graphics and Illustration. Once students have completed the induction, they will be able to access the Book Arts workshop during (pre-booked) drop-in sessions (for self-directed study) for the duration of their course.

Part 1 : Covers health and safety in the book arts workshop and some simple bookbinding structures. Students work through this guided online program whilst they are in the workshop. The technician is available for help whenever students need it – just ask. At the end of the session, students are required to sign a paper record of induction with the technician.

There are four projects to work through and this induction will take about 1.5 – 2.5 hours to complete. You don’t need to rush, just work at your own pace.

On arrival Helen will introduce herself and tell you where your workspace is. Please use coat pegs and the  wire basket for your stuff so that you don’t create tripping hazards in the workshop by dumping your stuff on the floor.

Getting Started

Your work station has been set up with the following tools:

Clockwise from top: pricking cradle, ruler, bone folder, pencil, knife, corner cutter, hole-making tool, needles, thread, scissors.

Your workspace will also have a box of scrap paper for glueing up on, a box of scrap for collage pages (Book 4), clothes pegs and all the other materials for the four projects.

For book 1 you will use a sheet of A3 paper.

For book 2 you will use a long sheet of paper, 2 pieces of 2mm grey board and 2 pieces of bookcloth.

For book 3 you will use 4 sheets of paper and 1 piece of thin card.

For book 4 you will use random pieces of paper from the collage box.

Go to Book 1 – Cut and Fold Books

Go to Book 2 – Zig-zag Book with a Hard Cover

Go to Book 3 – Single-section Book with a Soft Cover

Go to Book 4 – Single-section Collage Book

When you have finished the four projects, please go to the technician to sign your induction record. Your induction is not complete until you have signed the sheet.

Tidy up your workspace: put any rubbish in the bins or recycling bins (paper).

Don’t forget to take your zig-zag book out of the press before you leave.

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