How to use the adana press


  1. Fill chase with your chosen method. Lock into place with quoins, leading and furniture.

 2. Apply a thick layer of ink onto the ink disc. Then using the handle push down till the ink covers the disc. 

3. Take chase and position into press. Make sure the type is secure. 

4. Place paper or card onto the platen. Use metal gripper to hold paper in place.

5. Press the handle firmly down making sure you get a good impression. Learn from your mistakes and use packing (layers of paper) to get the perfect print.

6.When you have finished printing unclip the rollers. This may help by moving them to the top ink disc. 

7. Clean the roller with warm soapy water when using water based ink. If your using rubber based inks use white spirit, a cloth and gloves. 

8. Continue to clean the ink disc and all areas which may have ink on them. 

9. The final outcome will look something like this. A5 is the biggest size to work to and you can use a combination of type and image. 


– Always add layers of extra paper (packing) to get the right impression. – The print will take time to dry, leave for a day to dry before touching. – Please take time for the cleaning process, make sure the equipment comes back in perfect condition.


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