L4 Induction Book 3: Single-Section Sewing

The single-section or pamphlet is a simple structure that opens and closes in a familiar way: pages rotate around a central fold or spine.

To make this simple structure, pages are folded and gathered into a “section”, then stitched through the spine fold. The pages open flat and you can see the whole page.

For this project we are going to make a 16-page section. This is a standard size of section in book production.

For this project, you will need:

Pricking cradle, hole-making tool, needle and thread, bone folder, four sheets of paper and a sheet of thin card, same size as the paper.

These should all be in your workspace.

Video : single-section sewing

So, now that the pages have been sewn together, the next task is to cut the edges to tidy them up. We cut the pages whilst the book is closed and we should aim to cut off about 3-5mm on the edges. (So when you are setting up your files for printing you should include a 3-5mm bleed on the outer edges.)

For now, you are just going to cut the fore edge (edge opposite the spine), and you are going to use a piece of equipment in the workshop called a ream cutter.

The ream cutter is near the technician who can help you if you need it – just ask. This equipment will cut the edges of thin books. Thick books should be cut by the technician on the larger guillotine.

March 2021 Update

We have upgraded the cutter in the workshop and whilst it is fundamentally the same there are a couple of differences to be aware of:

The measuring guide is in the bottom left corner.
The clamp is moved with this wheel on top of the cutter. Turn it clockwise to lower the clamp.

Please watch this training video and then have a go yourself. The technician will be close by to help you if you need it.

Please use hand sanitiser before using this equipment.

video: ream cutter

You will need to sign your induction record to say that you have been inducted on this equipment.

This is the power guillotine in the workshop. You can ask the technician to cut things for you but unfortunately you are not allowed to use it yourself.

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