L4 Induction Book 5 – Collage Book

This project uses the single-section structure that you have just learnt but with an extra twist. Each page is a different size, of different paper and the fold in each sheet is not always in the middle. The pages have been assembled to make an unfolding collage but the structure is still single-section, as before.

Start by selecting about 6-8 pieces of paper from the scrap collage box. Fold them, arrange them – use the pricking cradle if it helps. You could give the book a soft cover as before or you could miss that out.

When you are happy with your composition make some sewing holes and sew together – you may need to use the 5-hole sewing pattern for this one: 

Use the hole making tool and pricking cradle to make three or five holes in the spine of your book. Try to get at least two holes in each page. (Once you have made three holes as in the last project just make two more in-between them to make five.)

The sewing pattern is described in the diagram and the video below. You will need a piece of thread that is three times the length of the spine. Clothes pegs can help to hold the pages together whilst you sew them.

The sewing pattern by numbers is 3,2,1,2,4,5,4,3

Video : five-hole sewing

After you have sewn the pages think about the edges of your book. Do you want to trim them down a bit or not at all? Use the ream cutter to cut the book edges  if you want to. It might help the structure to have a few of the page edges aligning as this would make them slightly less chaotic and add strength where they are vulnerable to damage.

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