Embossing and debossing

Embossing and dedossing is a beautiful way of relief printing. Embossed designs such as text and logos and even image can be used as a book cover, a poster, or purely to decorate the page.

The process that I use for embossing/ debossing involves making a female and male plate. The paper is placed in-between the plates and is pushed through a etching press which, crushes the paper to emboss or deboss the design. 

Female and male plate                                         Final result

There are a few processes we can use when creating the embossing plates. One is cutting grey board by hand with a scalpel knife, this option is cheap and quick but won’t work with detailed designs. For a more advanced effect you can laser cut into grey board 1mm or rubber 1mm. The final option is to get two polymer plates made. A few things to keep in mind is to keep the artwork simple, small details work. Keep the material thin such as 1mm and always keep all areas of the artwork including the background. 



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