Setting Up Files for Vinyl Cutting

Here are instructions for setting up your files in Illustrator for vinyl cutting.

NB: in the video I say ‘print’ a couple of times, but do of course mean cut!

Things to remember:

  • Make sure you convert text and your shapes to outlines (see examples below or videos above).
  • Save your file as an .ai file. If you are using another drawing programme, save as an .eps
  • Outlines/strokes on artwork should be set to 1pt.
  • Place different artwork in different Illustrator files. Do not create additional artboards in one Illustrator file.
  • The maximum size of the smallest dimension of the University vinyl cutter is 575mm. If you can make your graphics any size as long as the smallest side doesn’t exceed this. If your graphic is bigger it will need to be designed in two parts and  you will have to create two files.
  • The cutting software doesn’t recognise more than one artboard per file.
  • Check all of your shapes or text are sitting on the artboard (white area) and not around the edges (grey area).

Example of How to Set Your Text to Outlines

Create Text Outlines for Vinyl Cutting

Example of How to Set Your Outline Stroke to 1ptOutline and Stroke Text for Vinyl Cutting

Any questions or specific issues you’re having with Illustrator, drop Mark an email.


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