Collecting Plants/Suppliers

Some plants can be collected in the wild, some homegrown in your  garden and some can be bought from specialist suppliers.

When you are gathering plants in the wild, you should be mindful of conservation and ownership: Are you on private land? Is the plant an endangered species? Always check first.

Wear protective gloves: some plants are poisonous or skin irritants.

Insects may be present in the plant material you collect – lay the material on the ground before you bag it up to give them time to escape.

How much do you need? Many of the recipes suggest an equal weight of plant material to the fibre you are dyeing. Try not to collect more than you need.

The Dye Garden at Brighton University, Grand Parade grows and stores plant material for students to use. Ask the technician to find out what is available.

Suppliers of Dye Materials: Always buy from a reputable supplier.

Wild Colours

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