Single Pages into a Concertina

An alternative way to construct a zig-zag or concertina book. In this model, a series of single pages are joined together to make a continuous book. Every page can be made from different paper stock.  The pages can be large or small and there can be any number of them.

As with most book structures, the grain direction of the paper can influence the character, strength and stability of the structure.

Start by assembling your pages and cut to the same size. You will need an extra 2cm (tab) added to the width of the page as this will be used to join them together. Fold the left hand edge of each page, 2cm in from the cut edge to make the joining tab.
Page 1 will not need a joining tab so you can cut the 2cm strip off.

Prepare PVA glue and a glue brush, some scrap paper to glue up on. You will also need a bonefolder to press the joins.

This is page 1 and page 2 standing side by side in order. The joining tab on page 2 goes behind the right hand edge of page 1. The fold on page 2 is a “valley” fold.
To apply glue to the tab: lay a piece of scrap paper underneath it and then another sheet on top. Arrange the top sheet so that you can only see the tab. Hold the scrap in place whilst you apply a thin layer of glue to the tab. Then stick page 1 on to the tab and align edges as neatly as you can. Press with a bone folder.
This shows page 3 in position. The tab goes underneath page 2 but the fold on page 3 is a “mountain fold” this time.

Apply glue in the same way as before and join pages together.

Continue to join pages in sequence with alternate valley and mountain folds on the tabs until you have glued all the pages together.

If you want to make a hard cover for this, it can be made in the usual way. (See zig zag book with hard cover tutorial)

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