Cut and Fold Books

These are easy to make and fun to display artwork with. Remember  you can use both sides of the paper. They are sometimes called poster books because they always fold out to a whole sheet of paper. You could, for example, use one side for a complete piece of artwork and the other side for “pages”. Quick and easy to reproduce, they are useful structures when you want to edition something.

There are lots of different patterns to experiment with and scope for inventing your own.

An A3 sheet will fold down to an 8-page A6 using the diagrams below.

1- the origami book, 2- the trousers and 3- the circle line

Fold along dashed lines, cut along solid lines

Or start with a square piece of paper and fold into thirds. (This pattern will also work on a rectangular sheet of paper.)

Video demo for the “origami” book

Video demo for the “trousers”

Video demo for the “circle”

Folding and cutting tips:
  1. Line up corners and edges when you make a fold.
  2. Press the fold softly by hand first then with the bonefolder. Press from the middle of the fold to the outer edges of the paper.
  3. If you press the folds too heavily with the bonefolder you can over-stretch the paper fibres so take care.
  4. If you are folding up heavy weight paper you may find it harder to fold, especially when folding against the grain. If your folds are crunchy and ugly, try scoring the folds first.
  5. Always use a sharp blade for cutting with. If the paper snags when you cut, it is definitely time for a new blade.
  6. Always cut with a cutting mat underneath.
  7. It is safer to cut against a metal edged ruler than a plastic one.
  8. Give cutting your full attention.




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