Pop-up Portrait with Face Covering

A simple pop-up idea. Draw a face and cover up with a 3D face covering made out of any paper you like.

You will need:

A sheet of A4 thin card (around 300gsm)

A sheet of A4 (or smaller) paper to make the face covering part.

Glue: PVA or glue stick
1. Print these two templates on to copy paper. Try not to resize them when you print. They should both be exactly A4 in size and landscape format.
Template 1 for position on face.
Template 2:  face cover

2.  Lay the first template on top of the thin card and use a needle (or compass point) to make pin holes at the four corners of each tab. This marks the position of the face covering. Artwork a face on to the thin card. The eye line is just above the top dashed line and the chin lines up with the bottom dashed line.

3. Cut out the second template and draw round it on to the paper of choice for face cover. Fold tab lines (dashed) and fold centre line. Apply glue to the centre tab and stick to other side to make the nose to chin shape. You should be able to fold the whole thing flat down the centre line.

  • when glueing the tabs be sure to take the glue right up to the fold

4. Glue face cover on to card: glue one side-tab and stick in position. With the second tab folded back on itself, apply glue to it and CLOSE the card. This helps the tab to find its natural position and allows the card to close properly. Press through the card when closed. When the glue has dried, open up……

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