Pockets for Section Bound Books

There are a few different ways to go about this but the common factor for all the pockets is that they have a fold that can be sewn through.

Multi-section books can have a few pockets inserted here and there or can be made up entirely of pockets.

Some ideas for making pockets:

An envelope is a ready made pocket. Fold in half (or somewhere else) to make two pages, chop off the top and cut shapes to make access easier. This double-page would be sewn through the centre fold in a section bind.
Find an envelope and open it up to use as a template. You will be able to sew through one of the folds then glue the envelope up after sewing.
Unglued envelope sewed into multi-section format book.
Cut a page taller than you need it and fold up the bottom edge. Join the sides with glue or double-sided tape and sew through the centre fold.
The bottom edge has been folded diagonally before folding up. The page will be sewn through the centre fold.
This folding pattern is called a v-pocket and you can find a tutorial for this here.
Make an expandable pocket (its called a gusset) and sew through the fold before glueing the pieces together. Tutorial for this on you tube.


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