Page Collage

Traditionally, books are made with every page the same size but it is possible to change this. Books can be bound with pages of varying sizes and every page can be of different paper stock.

Some rules apply though. If you are making a section bind for example, all the pages must have a fold that you can sew through. If you are making a stab binding, all the pages must be included in the line of sewing holes. And amid all the chaos, what happens at the edges? Is it ok to let everything hang out and take its chances (a page edge on its own is more vulnerable to tearing and bending than a group of pages all the same size) or do we introduce some order and protection by creating a more solid boundary edge?

Gather some paper together – printed, plain, drawings, text etc. Cut each piece to a randomly different  size and make a fold somewhere in it.

Gather them into a section:

Prepare for sewing by make sewing holes through the folds: a pricking cradle is very useful for this. You could also use clothes pegs to hold the pages together (these are less damaging than bulldog clips). Ideally, each page needs at least two holes so the 5 or 7 hole sewing patterns are good for this. ( single section sewing patterns)
video: 5-hole sewing
What other ways can we cut and reassemble the pages?
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