Make Your Own Corner Cutter

Cut three pieces of 2mm grey board. Each one should be 3cm x 10cm. One of these pieces will have a triangle cut out of it. 
On a scrap of paper, draw a template for the cut out shape. The top of the triangle is 3mm down from the top edge and on a centre line.
Find a protractor or something that has angles marked up on it. Position it as shown. The centre point of the protractor is on top of the 3mm point. Mark at 45 degrees.
Do the same on the other side.
Draw a line from the 3mm point to the two angles, meeting the edge of the board. If you cut out this shape you can use it as a template on your grey board.

Stick the three pieces of grey board together, aligning all the edges. the piece with the triangle cut out is one of the outside layers.

To use the corner cutter, lower it on to the corner of the board so that the cut out triangle fits exactly over the corner of the board. Make sure it fits snugly then carefully cut along the outer edge to remove a triangle of paper from the cover material.


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