Level 4 Inductions 2022 – PLEASE READ

All students in Level 4 Graphics and Illustration are invited to attend an induction in the Book Arts Workshop. The L4 induction is in 2 parts and each part would typically take up to half a day to complete. 

The first induction covers health and safety in the workshop and some simple structures. At the end of the session you will be familiar with many of the tools and equipment in the workshop and have learnt some core bookbinding skills.

The second part of the L4 induction covers two more bookbinding structures – multi-section sewing and Japanese sewing.

It is recommend to take Part 1 before Part 2.

Each induction is now presented as an online tutorial that students will work through whilst in the workshop. Technical support (Helen) will be available all the time so students will be able to ask questions and clarify anything they are unsure of during the induction.

Students will be required to bring a device into the workshop that they can view the online tutorials on. Please make sure the device is fully charged before you come in.

You will have to book in advance to take the induction using Eventbrite. Slots are available on  Tuesdays (am or pm). You should check in advance that your preferred induction time does not clash with any scheduled course work or studio time. 

To book an induction inFebruary or March 2022 please go here.

Please note we do not offer inductions after Easter.

Once you have booked a slot, all you need to do then is turn up in the workshop. The workshop, Room 216,  is on the second floor of the main building at Grand Parade, in the north-east corner of the building, (amongst the painting studios). Helen, the technician, will meet you in the room and show you where your workspace will be.

If you have to cancel your booking, please try to let Helen know asap by emailing her at H.gibbs@brighton.ac.uk

Please be aware that we are maintaining a lot of ventilation in the workshop by keeping the windows open. This may impact on the temperature so please bring an extra layer to wear just in case!

The link below will take you to the online tutorial for Part 1. You may want to have a quick read through before you come in to the workshop just to familiarise yourself with the programme.

Level 4 Induction Part 1 Simple Structures

Level 4 Induction Part 2 Multi-section Sewing and Japanese

NB. For students who do not have access to the workshop, there are many tutorials on this blog site that are tailored to working at home. Have a look at the worksheets.


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