Level 4 Inductions 2022/23 – PLEASE READ

All students in Level 4 Graphics and Illustration are invited to attend an induction in the Book Arts Workshop. The L4 induction is in 2 parts and each part would typically take up to half a day to complete. Once students have attended at least one induction they will then have continued access to the workshop for the duration of their course.

The first induction covers health and safety in the workshop and some simple structures. At the end of the session you will be familiar with many of the tools and equipment in the workshop and have learnt some core bookbinding skills.

The second part of the L4 induction covers two more bookbinding structures – multi-section sewing and Japanese sewing with the grain direction challenge.

It is recommend to take Part 1 before Part 2.

Please note we do not offer inductions after Easter.

Level 4 Induction Part 1 Simple Structures

Level 4 Induction Part 2 Multi-section Sewing and Japanese Challenge

NB. For students who cannot access the workshop, there are many tutorials on this blog site that are tailored to working at home. Have a look at the worksheets.


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