French Link Sewing For Multi-Section

This is a simple sewing to use when you have more than one section.

Prepare the sections and make a sewing hole guide.

Use the sewing hole guide to make the holes in each section.
When you put the sections in order, the holes should align across the spine of the book.

Multi Section Sewing

The French link stitch is made as you sew along the second section by taking the needle and thread behind the small stitch in the first section.
And then again on the third section like this.
As you keep sewing sections, the link stitch will start to look like this.

Make kettle stitches at the ends of the sections.

An alternative way to make the link is to sew the pages around strong cotton tapes – the tape makes the link so you don’t have to link the threads. The tape gives extra strength to the hinge part of the cover so this is useful on big books with hard covers.

External website tutorial on this

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