Endpapers for a Multi-section Book

What are endpapers?

These are the pages you see when you first open the cover of a (hardback) book. They join the book block (pages) to the inside of the hard cover. They are often patterned or coloured. Traditionally endpapers were decorated with marbled patterns and other methods of decoration.

Sometimes, bookbinders miss out this stage and use the first and last pages of the sections to connect the book block to the inside of the cover. If you do this, make sure the grain direction of the paper in the sections is running head to tail.

How to make endpapers.

The simplest way to make an endpaper is to cut a sheet of paper twice the size of a page (ie. two pages side by side) and fold it in half so that it becomes the same size as a page. Make two of these.

Choose a decent weight of paper for your endpapers, say 150-160gsm and make sure the grain direction of the paper runs head to tail.

Press the fold of the endpaper well and attach to the pages as follows:

Use two sheets of scrap paper to mask off an area for glueing: place one of the sheets of scrap underneath the endpaper and one on top so that you can only see about 5mm of the endpaper at the folded edge. Apply PVA to this narrow strip and stick endpaper(s) to first (and last) page – see video below.


Press the endpaper(s) with a bonefolder.


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