L4 induction Book 2: Zig-Zag Book with Hard Cover

Materials: You will need a long sheet of paper, 60cm x15cm,

two pieces of grey board and two pieces of bookcloth.

These should be on your desk.

Video: Fold a 6-page zig-zag from the long sheet

Use the board chopper to cut the two pieces of grey board to the right size. Please use hand sanitiser before touching the board chopper handle and after you have finished. The board chopper will be pre-set to the correct size.

Watch the video first then go to the board chopper. Helen will be on hand to help you if you need it.

Video : How to use the Board Chopper

Making the covers: each cover is made in the same way.

You will need a few pieces of scrap magazine paper to glue up on. Try not to get glue on your cutting mat or on the worktop.

You will also need: ruler, corner cutter, knife, bonefolder, 2 board covers and 2 pieces of covering material, PVA glue and glue brush

Take the lid off the glue pot and stir the brush into the glue. When you are ready to glue the first board, drag the brush over the edge of the glue pot to remove glue, until you can lift the brush up without it dripping.  You can use the brush like a stipple brush to get a thin even covering of glue on the board. See video:

(You can trim the bookcloth edges to the width of the metal ruler that you have on your desk)

Tip: sharpen your blade if it is snagging on the bookcloth – video

Next video: Covering a board part 2

Tip: To get neat corners it is really important to press the overhanging bookcloth into the side of the grey board - use your bone folder.
Stick the end pages to the inside of the cover:
You will need : PVA glue, brush, scrap paper for glueing
Video – watch through and then repeat for both endpapers.
The book now has to go into one of the large nipping presses for a while so that the boards can dry flat. See video.
Please use hand sanitiser before using the press.
You will need two pressing boards and two pieces of non-stick paper.
Video: using a press
Tidy up your workspace before you start the next project. Put any scraps in the bin and stand your brush in the glue pot with the lid on.
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